Using Cookie Cutters

Here are some tips that may help you get the best results out of your new cookie cutter.

  •  Use cold, not frozen cookie dough.

  •  If your dough is getting stuck to the cutter, dip your cutter in flour before using.

  •  Warm hand wash only.

  •  Do not soak, wash in hot water or dishwashers.

  •  Store your cutters carefully & away from heat to ensure no damage.

  • If you are using your cutters for fondant, use them on a silicone/rubber mat & give your cutter a little rub against it when cutting to help remove any feet


Using Cake Toppers

  • Always pierce your cake before inserting your cake topper, this allows the stake to slide in easier without resistance.

  • Never insert your cake topper by pushing on the writing, always pinch the stake and insert it using that only.

  • Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for toppers that are broken whilst being inserted into the cake.

  • Please be careful with your topper to avoid any breakage. 

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